Tuesday, January 9, 2024

A Life Update: I'm Alive!

Every so often, I have a sewing question that MUST be answered by someone who has gone before me, and that someone has hopefully written a blog about it somewhere. I'll spend hours trying to remember who it was, or where that post was. Here's the thing: blogs are REALLY powerful. Detailed information that can be referenced, sources cited, detailed research compiled, etc. As I've moved over to Instagram, the reality that information is often shared in little snapshots that are completely gone in 24 hours is deplorable. I really can't get behind Youtube as a great sharing platform either because it just doesn't lend itself well to going down side rabbit holes, or even finding what you're looking for unless there are detailed time stamps. I got sent home from work sick with a cold, and a determination to not waste my home hours on social media when I'm mentally capable of more. I'm desperately missing sharing all my research findings, and even though I try to share on Instagram I know it's not half as useful because it gets lost in the shuffle. I also go down long-winded research rabbit holes that are REALLY interesting, and then nothing comes of it due to time and budget constraints. It's been 5 years between my last blog post and now - I'm a completely different person than I once was. Good thing, too. I now work in the bridal industry doing alterations full time. I didn't intend to sew for a living full time, but it's actually been fun. I had been afraid that sewing all day every day would kill my creative juices, but it's not uncommon for me to come home from a 7 hour day of sewing to then sew for another 1-3 hours later in the evening. With some major life changes, I did take about a 1 1/2 year break, but sewing was constantly on my mind. I missed it terribly, and missed some of the complexities of letting my mind chew on the details of a project throughout the course of the day. I have every intention of letting this blog fizzle officially (I'll leave it up, don't worry!), and transferring all this awesomeness into a new blog in my new name, Parallels of the Past, where I'd like to fill in with ALL the research details, experiments, wins and fails. There's been a lot of them.

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