Tuesday, August 1, 2017

# 1: About Me

My name is Michaela! I am a teenaged, homeschooled girl who really, really likes research. And occassionally sewing, since I have to have SOME proof that I know what I'm talking about.

I lead a very hobby-intensive life. My personal interests have been a part of my schooling since I was very young, and it has really encouraged me to turn my passions into a career. Here is a brief summary of what my life looks like, minus the sewing, since you probably already know about that.

I own two quirky horses, 3 mostly normal chickens and a lazy dog who snores while I sew. Ocassionally, he lays on the sewing machine gas pedal while it's on.
He does NOT like to go for walks.

My horses are a big part of my life, and I try to get out and train my horse Chocolate several days a week.
Chocolate, being the dork that she is, couldn't wait another 5 seconds for me to take the halter off....

And this is Barbie Doll, the finicky wonder-horse, whose mission in life is to complete every little girl's dreams, but make existence miserable for anyone who isn't just that.

 I've been learning and teaching English Country and contra dancing for maybe 6 years, although currently Argentine Tango is the newest style that I'm learning. I teach piano lessons, but I also have a few sewing students. Ocassionally, I'll paint, although I'm not very good at it. I love to read Children's fiction. Is that weird? Or the historian Plutarch of Chaeronea. Either will work. 

I have one little sister, who sometimes models for me. She doesn't sew, but she does love dancing and sometimes goes to reenactments with me. 

She also really likes SFX makeup....which is really gross. But I sometimes model for that.

I'm really nerdy about stuff that no one cares about. Like equine genetics....or Neoclassicism. I enjoy bunny trails in my research, and lately I've been going out of my way to learn about stuff that no one in the costuming community has explored. I HATE following trends, especially in the costuming and research community. I have a very Type 4 (DYT) personality, and I enjoy being my own authority on a topic that I have researched myself, without anyone's opinions influencing me. So if you like a little bit of unusual, welcome to my blog. 


  1. I'm also a Type 4! It definitely comes out in my costuming, both in the style choices I make and the process I go through in creating things. Oh, and I love your blog title!

    1. Type 4's unite! Up next in the near future....lots of black.....

      Thanks for commenting!