Sort of the Grand Master List of All Internet Tutorials. Either by me, or links to other blogs with good, accurately researched tutorials, or period diagrams.

How to Scale Up a Diagram: Written by me, on how to use a grid diagram and scale it up by hand.

19th Century Ladies Magazine Archive: Seriously, the best thing ever!

6th Century:

500 AD Celtic-British Peplos: Even though not much is known about this time-frame, she has still managed to pull together some info on clothing, although some may be interpreted.

9th Century:

800 Anglo-Saxon Tunic

10th Century:

900 AD Viking Apron Dress

12th Century:

1146 Norman Outfit

13th Century:

1220 Cyclas
Basic Tunic: Construction, and was apparently used up until 1250

14th Century:

1330 Cotehardie 
1380 Man's Cotehardie
14th or 15th Century Supportive Dress (Kirtle)

15th Century:

1410 Houppelande
15th Century Butterfly Hennin: Detailed description of the correct height ratio

16th Century:
1570-1580 Flemish Gored Kirtle: A supporting garment, using a different pattern that is modified.
1589 Farthingale
Flemish Outfit: An overview of how to construct a 16th century Flemish Outfit
French Hood

17th Century:

Elizabethan Stays: Very cool! The same exact shape as later 18th century stays. A completely custom pattern, by entering in your measurements!
Elizabethan Coif

18th century:

Leather Stays
Colonial Shortgown: For undress, or informal at-home wear.
Eighteenth century petticoat:
18th Century Muff: Base muff, with removable covers
18th Century Short Cloak: Super easy!
Embroidered Buttons
Bergere Straw Hat
Pocket Hoops: Another name for panniers, but a video tutorial instead.
Panniers 1760-1780
Panniers: The title of the blog post is, "Quick Cheap Panniers that Don't Suck".
Ribbon Garters
Cap Pattern

19th century:
How-To Covered Buttons
How-To Double Puff Sleeves
Smooth-Fitting Sleeve: Drafting a sleeve pattern that fits smoothly into the armscye
Victorian Traveling Bag
Victorian Cooler Cover: Not period, but excellent to cover up a modern convenience!
Victorian Housewife: Cool idea, taken from several Godey's images.
Seamed Stockings: Covers late 18th century to 20th century
Knitted Socks

Regency Bodiced Petticoat
Regency Shoes
Regency Wrapped Turban
Regency Short Stays: Instructions on how to draft them
Regency Sleeveless Spencer: Not exactly a tutorial, but still informative.
Early 19th Century Reticule: A sort-of tutorial
Regency Fichu: Instructions for various, simple garments, which would probably extend to earlier years in which lower necklines were worn during the day.
Regency Poke Bonnet: Excellent tutorial, using an old straw hat cut apart for the brim.
1820-1840 Corset: Excellent pattern which is able to be printed off on regular-sized paper.
Knitted Mittens: Original pattern for Army, or 'Shooters' mittens, which have both a thumb and index finger (for pulling a trigger). Also a link to a modern pattern, which may be more easily interpreted.

The Sewing Academy: An excellent collection on how to draft patterns to fit you, ranging from 1840-1865, but can range into later years.
Split Drawers
Fringed Shawl
Slat Bonnet
Gauging Skirts

1860's Sunbonnet Tutorial: Quilted, vs. the slat bonnet tutorial above.
Mid- Nineteenth Century Winter Hood
1831-1865 Reticule Pattern: The pattern was originally published in 1831, but then republished in 1865
1830-1850 Corded Petticoat
1840's Wrapper: Not a perfect pattern, but instructions on how to change a basic bodice pattern to a wrapper.
1847 Knitted Muff: A good, revised pattern from The Lady's Workbook
1856 Knitted Stay Lace: Interesting, I had never heard of them! Fantastic for period laces, for either corsets or shoes.
1857 Corset: Taken directly from a diagram in Godey's, this may take a little experience in corsets due to the period instructions referring to various pieces in cryptic ways. Still a very good pattern!
1859 Knitted Talma Shawl Cape: A beautiful pattern, if you can decipher the instructions!
1859 Knitted Scarf Pattern
1859 Embroidered Reticule Pattern: Taken from Arthur's Home Magazine
Shetland Wool Shawl: No date on the period pattern, but definitely taken Petersons.
Mid-Victorian Corset Pattern: Interesting instructions on how to draft them yourself, the flat way.
1860 Knitted Sontag
1860's Swiss Waist: Scaled down pattern, and easily revised to whatever shape you like
1860's Apron Pattern
1860's Tiered Ruffled Skirt
1861 Crochet Purse
1861 Ladies' Wool Tie Pattern: Looks like a scarf, but labeled a 'tie'.
1862 Knitted Garters
1862 Knitted Sontag
1862 Princess Capote Hood: Not much in the way of instructions, but really cute!
1862 Red Riding Hood: A hood from Peterson's that looks more like a bonnet, with links to several other bloggers who made it.
1862 Ladies' Pocketbook Pattern: From Godeys
1864 Crocheted Ladies' Jacket: Page 290, from Petersons
1866 Crocheted Sontag
1870's Corset Drafting
1870's Skirt Tutorial: Excellent!
Bustle Tutorial
1880's Fan Shell Ribbon Trim
1880's Bustle Bodice: Pattern made, based on an original
1880's Bustle Bodice: Different than the above pattern
1880's Bustle Skirt
1880's Bustle Overskirt
Lobster Tail Bustle
Glove Tutorial: This entire website is dedicated to glove-making.

20th century:

1910 Edwardian Blouse
1910 Straw Hat Re-Shaping: A tutorial on how to re-shape a straw hat.
1910 Brassiere Pattern
1911 Corset Sew-Along: A many-step post, but the link is the link to all the other posts.
1912 Gored Skirt
1915 Pleated Skirt: Basic instructions
Downton-esque 1-hour Dress: A pattern which will need scaling up, or just flat drafting using her measurements.
1928 Magic Dance Frock, Draped

Men's Clothing:

The below link is not exactly for complete tutorials, as the pattern pieces aren't online, but if you have a pattern and are looking for construction technique tutorials, here it is! Scroll down just a little for the full list. http://thesewingacademy.org/index.php?topic=6577.0
1760's Men's Shirt
Regency Style Men's Shirt Pattern
1852 Men's Shirt Pattern: Also period advice on how to cut out multiple shirts at once and save fabric.
1858 Boy's Jacket Pattern: No instructions included, but it seems more self-explanatory than other period patterns.

Regency Hairstyle Links
Regency Diadems: Excellent!
Natural Form Era Hairstyles
All-Era Hairstyles: From a variety of years, ranging 1850-1915
Random Costuming Tutorial Links:
How-To Recover Books
How-To Rebind books in Faux Leather

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