Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Quick Update

For the February challenge, I've been working on my green gigantic plaid day dress. It's been a bit slow just because my schedule has been busy, but I have made some progress and hope to finish it by the end of February.

It was coming along awesomely, and it felt like I had performed some sort of sorcery when my darts came out perfect in the first try (whaaaattt?) OK, I'm not thrilled about the direction of the plaid in the front, but I'm thinking the black velvet trim I bought will distract enough to not notice terribly. But then - wait  - what...



So yeah, I've got a funny neck bubble. Today I'm going to rip out the neck binding and try to take it in right there. I can't for the life of me figure out why it would be on the one side and not the other. It makes a funky spot in the back that won't lay flat. Other than that, I'm pretty proud of my fit. Here is the back; you can kind of see the neck thing I'm talking about. Again, I'm pretty sure I had not idea what I was doing when I cut out the plaid. I tried to be thoughtful in the placement, but I'm not sure how much it worked. 

Anyhoooooo, I also have officially signed up for Costume College! Yay! Who else is going? And who knows how to pack a hoop in a suitcase? My friend Tiana over at Adventures in Costuming and I are going to be thick as....well, maybe not thieves, but pretty thick!