Thursday, October 2, 2014

Corset Frustrations....

So, while my corset is ACTUALLY done, I thought I would write about what I'm doing at the moment, trying to have it totally finished by Saturday.

I know, it looks awesome, but I'm still fiddling with the fit. It isn't snug enough in some places, so I keep shifting around more than I'd like. I had to take out the busk and cut out new pieces for the front (the pictures are not the updated version).

Lacing myself in was probably one of the most satisfying end to any sewing project ever. Even if I had to take it all apart in the front afterwards.

And no, it isn't a torture device like my dad still thinks. It feels a little weird when you cinch it tight, but not uncomfortable. Thankfully my dress still fits for the most part, but it is a little on the loose side. I guess that is the only plus to having gauging, is to be able to just pull the gauging up a little onto a tighter waistband.

The adjustments I made/still have to do is lengthen the bodice in the front, take in the seams right under my bust, take in the waist more (when cutting out the new front pieces, it somehow lost its waist-sucking power), re-attach the busk, re-sew the casings for the boning, and bind it all up and hope the fit is just right because I think I would tear out my hair if I had to rip those casings again. Sure, I can do all that in two days!