Saturday, February 28, 2015

Historical Sew Monthly Challenge #2: Something Blue

For February, I wanted to make something super easy because I have a lot of other things I need to make. Here it is! Isn't it cute?

What the item is: Silk Belt (minus buckle or rosette)

The Challenge: #2 Something Blue

Fabric: Lightweight silk dupioni, lined with white muslin and interlined with cotton twill

Pattern: Instructions from the Dressmaker's Guide

Year: 1860's, ish

Notions: Thread, hooks and eyes

How historically accurate is it? Maybe 80%. Dupioni wasn't made in the 1860's and wouldn't have been used because of the flaws in the fabric, and super lightweight silk wasn't preferred for dressmaking purposes.

Hours to complete: Maybe five, altogether. I'm a slow handsewer.

First worn: Not yet

Total cost: $3 (1/4 yard of dupioni from Joanns with a coupon, the rest of it I already had)

Not much to report, other than it was more of an experiment than actually expecting it to come out just right. I really wanted to do something with silk dupioni. When I noticed at the store the lack of slubs, I got a little too excited. You get what you pay for.

There was nothing wrong with the fabric at all other than it was just soooo lightweight. It had no substance or body. Beautiful color, but this was my second time working with dupioni. The first time I used the 'normal weight' dupioni, and it felt both softer even though it had more slubs. The thin stuff this time didn't feel like what it seems like silk should feel like; it felt more like a poly blend. I did not do any kind of burn test to find out.

Another annoying thing that it did was it did not hold a crease and whenever you put a pin it it left two small holes that didn't come out without a lot of rubbing after. You can't see them when it's on but it annoys ME. It also showed me how dull most of my pins are; I felt like I had to stab some of them through, then it would snag. 

The inside looks nice and neat! All done with a handsewn whipstitch.

The most successful part was how stable it feels interlined with the twill. It helps with the wimpy fabric.

Final verdict: It is too small. It fits over my corset, but just. I don't have the final outfit complete, so I didn't know how much larger than my waist measurement to make it. Like I said, it was an experiment. I'll make another one once the dress is done, and probably make it a little wider to match whatever I would like to put in the front (i.e. a slider belt buckle)