Monday, June 2, 2014

Pink Slat Bonnet

Slat bonnets are pretty much like Little House on the Prairie bonnets, except this was how they would have been constructed. This has to be one of the easiest projects I have ever done. It is not very pretty, but it isn't quite ugly either. It was meant to wear with a work dress to keep the sun off their face and neck.
I wear mine a little back off my head; I thought I would rather have something is mostly correct and wear it than something completely correct and never wear it.
The brim is stiffened with card stock cut into 1'' slats, hence slat bonnet; if it gets wet I'll need to replace them. The back is gathered in with some bias tape just tied in the back. It looks kind of weird, but it works! Camille, Mom and I can't agree on whether the fabric has tiny strawberries, rosebuds, or carrots......