Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Corset Cover

There is one part of my white dress which I did not show any of, and that was the corset cover. There are a couple options for lining something made of sheer, and those are usually a half-high lining that can be either semi-attached or fully detached. The only reason I opted for a fully detached lining was for easier washing purposes. It's funny; my grandma thought I had sewn a new outfit, until I said some about all this being only my undergarments...

Detached lining, corset cover, they're all the same, other than all the picture's I've seen of corset covers they are usually pretty fancy. I left the cover until after the dress was done, which only left me a couple days to finish it. It's about as plain as it can be, but the fit is pretty good.

I bought the higher-grade muslin at Joanns thinking that would help the quality of the overall garment; I was sorely mistaken. I am not happy at all with the fabric, which feels exactly like the same $1 a yard stuff that I only use for mockups.
The first version of this corset cover had piped armscye's, but they were too tight. So I ripped off the piping and enlarged the armscye and sewed the sleeve back on without the piping. Shame on me, I know, but no one will ever see it.

Overall, I like the it, and it functions all right, but it is in need of some boning. Sometimes, it doesn't want to stay down, and will ride up after a while and cause funny lumps under the dress. This particular detached lining will probably eventually be replaced by a nicer, maybe fancier, one.


  1. Oooh, I had no idea there were detached linings for sheer dresses! Could you direct me to some source on that? Just for my ease of mind. :-)
    Do you think this bodice I "analysed" a while back might have been a detached lining?
    Because if it were... I think I'm going that route if I eventually make the sheer-ish 1840s dress I sort-of plan. For ease of washing, yes.

    Pity about the fabric; the fit looks really good.

  2. Corset cover is more the correct term, and it'll bring up more search options. Interesting, the one you analysed is kind of unusual. I wouldn't know what it was used for, but it seems strange for an outer garment. Here are a couple corset covers from a museum:


    Here is a link also to one of my Pinterest boards; there are a couple more on there as well. https://www.pinterest.com/michaelacoy9/1860s-sheer-dress/