Monday, July 13, 2015

Birthday Gifts, and Other Stuff

My 17th birthday was last week, and all kinds of good things happened!

Let me just say, my family knows me well.....

It's a good thing I got these, because I considered checking them out from the library and reporting them 'lost'.....

Camille bought me this beautiful brooch; it's called a micro-mosaic. They are period, but I'm afraid to say that silver was not particularly popular during the mid 19th-century. No matter; there's no way I'm not wearing this beauty with my white dress!

My parents totally surprised me by taking me to the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. It isn't really a festival, and not all of it is actually Shakespeare, but they put on amazing musicals in an outdoor amphitheater. It was really neat, and I was completely surprised. Especially when we got lost and ended up in a neighborhood on the edge of the desert, and I still didn't know where we were going.

Unfortunately, pictures during the performance were prohibited, but the singing in particular was phenomonal. And yes, we saw the Secret Garden. In comparison with the book, not my favorite rendition as they chose to focus more on the father and his grief in his deceased wife than between Mary and Colin in the garden, but still very enjoyable.

And....look what finally arrived! It took a little under two weeks.

It looks like a small amount all folded up, but it is beautiful! I started on the bonnet right away, which is made of the turquoise. Out of the two fabrics, the turquoise is my favorite. Photos don't do it justice, because it has a greenish-iridescence I wasn't expecting. It's quite a bit darker than in the pictures. The red doesn't have that same quality. 

The texture also wasn't what I was expecting; it isn't quite as slippery as I thought it would be. Then again, I've only worked with polyester stuff, which is terrible in that respect. On the fabric website, which is, they mention to order extra fabric to allow for some error in the fabric. I didn't think much of it, but there are a couple flaws. Not purposeful, like in dupioni, and they don't show very well. I would never avoid ordering from them again, and I don't plan on cutting around them because of how small they are. It's a little above my finger, in between the stitching lines, which are the casings for the boning in the bonnet.

Last thought: it doesn't fray nearly as much as dupioni. That is what it's lined with, and it's driving me crazy. Touch it, and it frays.

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  1. Happy belated birthday? :-)
    That brooch is lovely. And the fabric must be, too, but yes, I can't quite tell everything from the photos... although the second one does hint at some changeability. Good luck with the bonnet!