Thursday, September 3, 2015

Inspiration for Brown Challenge

While watching Pride and Prejudice, we took a five minute break for various reasons. I popped onto Ebay, my head swimming with fabrics and wishes. I typed in silk taffeta. The very first fabric that came up was....yellow silk taffeta....for....THREE DOLLARS A YARD? I almost needed to call for my smelling salts (can you tell I've watched that show way too many times?)! Don't worry, I didn't lose my head but....I did buy the fabric. Not exactly at that price, but that particular seller was having a sale on several one-yard pieces. The other piece that I bought was a beautiful brown. Now, I'm struggling with what to do with it.

I started a new apron made from stash fabric that happens to be brown, although I doubt it'll last until September unfinished. So, this brown will become something. I'm dreaming of covering my current corset project in this stuff, I just am undecided on how practical this is within our reenacting impression. It must work beneath my white dress under a corset cover, and still not be seen through. That might be the deciding point.

I would absolutely LOVE to own a silk-covered corset, but....alas, I would be afraid that it would show through my corset cover. It was a bit risque for 1860's, as well, but that isn't really any consolation.

Here are a couple other ideas with what it may be used for:

Decorative apron:

Belt, with a rosette in the middle. I can't believe I still don't even have a wearable belt of any kind, even though I've been talking about it for forever!

Lastly: I love silk hoods. Particularly, this style which is called a Pumpkin bonnet. A friend of mine knows how to make them; I may just need to contact her!

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