Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quilting Day at the Museum

I have been looking forward to this event for some time, and finally got the skirt on my wash dress shortened and re-gauged (ugh!), which took forever. Mrs. Hoobery lent my mom a dress, which I shortened quite a bit (Mrs. Hoobery is very tall) with a basting stitch.
Mom has also been looking forward to the quilting day and spent a lot of time hand-stitching a quilt block. She got it done in time; I really wanted to make one, but I had other projects.
It was absolutely POURING when we got to the Museum. I realized how much I need a hem guard. Anyway, Mom was kind enough to drop me off at the door.
After plunking ourselves down in chairs, we set to work. I was worried I wouldn't have much to do because I didn't have a quilt square, but Mrs. Hoobery had tons to do! She had lots of quilt squares that hadn't been quilted. I thought I would be able to go through them pretty quick, but I had absolutely no idea how long it takes just to do one square! By the time we left, four hours later, I wasn't half way through.
Mr. Hunter was kind enough to play us some music and sing. It was really cool; they let him sit in the area that was actually a display of a bar. It was really nice, although my one complaint was it was very dark. There weren't any lamps, and the lighting was dim, so we all had to sit wherever the lighting was best, so that made conversation with everyone a bit difficult.

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