Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A New Pinafore

This is a pinafore I made for Camille. I really love how it turned out, and it was a really quick easy project. I think it took me six hours to complete, which really could have been faster. Camille has really been wanting one; hopefully she will get a lot of use out of this one. I used Mrs. Clark's pattern to make it, which is almost like saying no pattern because she teaches you to draft your own pattern using measurements.
So for those of you that don't know, a pinafore is an apron for girls who haven't yet reached the age where their skirts are floor length. The difference between a pinafore and an apron is simple: a top part of a pinafore has a back, and the skirt goes around a little more than an apron. Girls wore pinafores more than women wore aprons, simply because it extended the life of the girl's dresses. It protects from all kinds of rough-and-tumble play, and also can hide stains. I also think aprons on women look more shabby than pinafores on girls; girl's could dress up their pinafores a lot, although decorative aprons were worn by both women and girls.
It does need some modifications; she says the length is fine, but I think I will add a tuck to the hem. On her part, she kind of wants the neckline to be a little lower, just because it cuts right across her neck. And as you can see in the back, the bottom button is straining a little too much. I think I will make ties for the bottom instead of that last button, then it won't be a problem.
She looks so cute in it! Drat, she hates getting her picture taken, but mwahahahah! We got some! I attached all of them so the world can have proof that Camille still lives!

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