Friday, January 22, 2016

An Organization of Ideas

Okay, so I mentioned some of my upcoming plans for 2016, and I thought I would organize the order I might make them in and what exactly each thing might be. My main goal is to make a dress from any other decade than

January - Procrastination: Check!

February - Tucks and Pleats

I am almost done with the mockup for the giant green plaid, so that will be finished in February. The skirt has inverted stacked box pleats.

March - Protection

I was thinking maybe several chemises, because they protect the dress from sweat. At this point I'll be finishing my Regency stays and I don't think that would work; a small project might be nice. I will also be making a Regency dress that I mentioned in an earlier post; hopefully that doesn't interfere with that. A corset is also another idea.

April - Gender Bender

Oh, oh oh! I just figured it out! I was staring at the Dreamstress' idea/description, and I remembered that drawers were at first shocking because they were a man's garment. Maybe a pair in the earlier form, the kind that were two seperate legs.

May - Holes

Honestly, anything with a button hole would work. I need to make a corset for a friend, and this could be a good opportunity what with the grommets in the back.

I actually also need a new fashion bonnet, and netting which is used quite a lot is about as holey as it gets.

June - Travel

Because I'm probably going to Costume College in July (the very next month), I may choose to be inspired by traveling to LA. I was planning on wearing my completed green plaid to the gala event, but it's going to be the middle of July and awfully hot I'm sure. A nice Regency dress would be waaaayyy cooler. A pretty cap or beaded hairnet for indoors would also be nice for that particular event if I don't have time to make an entire dress. Plus, duh, time travel!

July - Monochrome

I just bought the Bustle dress petticoat pattern from Truly Victorian; I don't have any intention of making it any time soon, but this might be the month to actually make it. The Natural form one isn't pictured, but this is the pattern.

August - Pattern

I'm confident I'll come up with something. Personally, I would love to eliminate plaids. When I think of pattern, I think of printed cloth, not a woven pattern. Sadly nothing comes to mind, but I love finding period prints at the local fabric store! Now that I think of it, our local reenacting group is in need of some loaner clothes. A generic size girls dress may be in order, with a yoked bodice or something of that sort.

September - Historicism

My favorite!!! And I would like to point out that that was my idea. Anyway, I think this may be a good time to get cracking on that bustle era dress. The big swag in the front and the pleated underskirt remind me of colonial style Robe a la Polonaise. The pattern that I'm buying actually has the Watteau back, which was like a throw-back Thursday of the Robe a la Francais. Sadly, when I actually start the bustle dress will most likely be dictated by when the class starts, and I have no idea when that will be. If that isn't going to work, then I have no problem making a Neo-classically inspired Regency dress if it hasn't already happened.

Below is the Robe a la Polonaise (dress with an overskirt looped up over a underskirt)

The pattern I plan on purchasing, although I was planning on using the fitted back on the right.

Robe a la Francais (Watteau back, or sack-back dress)

Neoclassically inspired Regency gown

October - Heroes

There are plenty of costumers I admire, although I would be shy to admit that I made anything inspired by someone else. In terms of historical heroes, I've really enjoyed reading about Angelina Grimke, but as far as costuming goes I think I would rather be inspired by a fictional hero! (Jane Eyre, anyone?)

November - Red

I love red! I still have a piece of red silk that might be enough for a Regency bonnet, unless I've used it by then. Actually I've tried to avoid red because I already have two dresses in dark red, but I couldn't help but think of making it into a bustle dress. I bought this pattern 2 months ago, just because I needed to get my order over $50 for free shipping. Whhheeeee! I'd much rather have two patterns than one pattern and pay for shipping. When November approaches I'll probably have a better idea of exactly what I want.

December - Special Occassion

I've been thinking of making a new Victorian ball dress; there is a ball every year in March, and I've learned that making the dress with no deadline (like I'm doing now) is just the best. I do have one in the aforementioned dark red, but it is so heavy it feels like I sewed a couple phone books into the hem. So I might make a new one and save it for a couple months.


  1. We are thinking aloing the same lines! My March, April, and May plans are similar to yours - chemise, drawers and corset.

    You seem to have your plans in order, can't wait to see what you produce!

  2. Haha! Well, they are a bit trickier to fit the larger projects into. Same back to you, you have a great blog!