Monday, August 18, 2014

Pink Wool 1862 Dress

This super cute bubble gum pink wool dress is, interestingly, gathered on the bodice. Most nice dresses made of wool and silk were darted, fitted closely to the body. But this one is gathered, and the skirt is gauged as well. This also shows that the date it was made was in the earlier 1860's, as later in the 1860's the nicer dresses were pleated to the waistband.
The coat sleeves are trimmed with with the swirly block trim to match the skirt. The hem bias binding is dark to match the trim. I'm thinking the dark buttons down the front are nonfunctional, just because of how you can't see the button holes (most functional buttons you can see the button holes behind them).
I know, they look like different dresses, but I think it has faded a lot, so the original color is a bit warped from what it used to be.

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