Friday, February 7, 2014

Dressing a Lady in the Civil War: Drawers

You know how you hear all kinds of stories about how when you sit down in a hoop skirt, it flies up in your face? It's true!
Drawers were not the most functional item in a ladies wardrobe; they were mostly for modesty's sake and prevented embarrassment.
One thing that most people in general don't know is that drawers did not have a crotch seam. I know; you're probably thinking "What? Why would anyone do that?" But again, there was a reason for everything.
Because hoop skirts and petticoats were so big and cumbersome, it made using the facilities very difficult. However, if there was a seam there, then you would have to worry about pulling them down. I know in the pictures it's hard to see because they are so full.

And just to demonstrate my point, here is a hilarious story that I love.

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